Rent to Buy in Leeds
Rent to Buy in Leeds
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Rent to Buy is the very best way for first time buyers to get on the property ladder - the money they are paying is invested in their future
If you have Mortgage arrears & debt problems - you can still start buying a new Rent to Buy Home!
If you are just married, or you are planning to get married soon - a Rent to Buy home can be the very best way to start building your future prosperity
A Rent to Buy property could be the way students can avoid big debts at the end of your course - the money you pay out canbe creating a valuable asset
Rent to Buy can be the answer when ever you want to get the key to the door - you can even buy a second home or Move to the city
If you are a Keyworker looking for an affordable home then Rent to Buy could be for you - there are many benefits to avoiding 'dead rent'
Rent to Buy Estates are innovators in creating special Rent to Buy packages - you can even benefit as an investor!
Are you going through or recently divorced? Using the Rent to Buy method you can get that new home you need without major expense
Rent to Buy isthe only specialist serving the Tenant Buyer - we check your requirements & search for suitable properties & its a free service!
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How Rent to Buy Works

Rent to Buy (Rent to Own) people to acquire UK property over a fixed period of time, at the beginning of the agreement there is no need to secure a mortgage or put down a full deposit. It is also possible for people in financial difficulties to rebuild their credit profile while buying a new property.

You will become a Tenant Buyer, paying rent of which part goes towards your eventual deposit once you purchase the property at the agreed time & price in the future. This means that when you pay your rent you are investing in your future prosperity rather than paying ‘dead rent' that gives you nothing at the end.

Rent to Buy (Rent to Own) has been introduced to the UK Housing market recently but it has been operating very successfully in America & Australia for decades.

Rent to Buy means you own an option to buy the property at a fixed price at a fixed date in the future, this option to buy gives you the right but not the obligation to buy, so if it does not suit you at the end of the option term you can walk away or re-negotiate a new deal.

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What we do for you

Understand your requirements

Rent to buy is the only organisation that is dedicated to helping Tenant Buyers to find Rent to Buy properties, our search services are completely free of charge to all registered users.

The initial stage of our relationship is for us to understand exactly what you are looking for and your present circumstances so that we can tailor our efforts to produce the best range of opportunities for your next property.

To start you only have to complete the Short Registration Form which you can complete by clicking here , if you would like to receive more information before registering then click here to join our mailing list .

Use our industry contacts to find potential properties

Once we understand your needs and current circumstances will start to contact our industry associates to locate suitable properties. From us to understand that there are a wide range of properties available which will be in various conditions, our job is to present you with the best range of property options which suit your requirements.

Discuss with you & suggest ways forward

Once we have some properties which seemed to suit your requirements we can start to discuss with you the various deals that can be done and what options can be available, we have a very wide knowledge of the Rent to Buy industry and we can suggest the various ways forward to creating a package that you'll be happy with.

Arrange property viewings

Once we seem to be getting close to answering your needs we can arrange for you to visit the properties that are available.

Agree Heads of Terms

In order to understand exactly what we are agreeing restart with a very simple document called the heads of terms – this document will list the key elements of our understanding so that everything is clear prior to making any commitments and at this stage you on the no obligation to go forward. Sample documents can be supplied to you for your information.

Appoint Legal advisors

We will use a very experienced solicitors to draw up the documentation required which will reflect the terms outlined above, we prefer that you also have an independent solicitor acting for you and who will give you advice on the documents we produce. We have a number of experience contacts so if you need a solar system to act for you we can help you to find one.

Get the keys and move in!

As soon as you have completed documentation and made any agreed initial payments you'll be in a position to collect the keys and move into your new home straightaway – you'll see that this is a much quicker, cheaper and easier way of securing a home than the traditional route of obtaining a mortgage. The whole process can be completed in a few weeks.

Register your requirements now!